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Kevin Lovelady needs work in creative business development / administration…

I am currently looking for new opportunities to develop and exploit my skillset and experience and would love to discuss how I may be able to contribute to your business or project.

I am prepared to consider all propositions including

  • a short-term voluntary placement
  • temporary work/internship
  • full-time to short-term contract

I have:

  • a wide range of general business and admin skills from backoffice to SEO/internet/web to social marketing
  • business experience from SME to blue-chip in the UK, France & Spain, including owner/manager, trainer/tutor
  • fluent French & Spanish for translation/interpreting and international liaison
  • a strong creative inclination with musical experience as a performer and venue manager
  • over 15 years experience in IT at all stages of the lifecycle from developer to project management in the UK and France

If you’re fully involved in the creative process

  • you may wish to delegate some of the backoffice/admin tasks
  • I may be able to provide a bridge between your creativity and business suppliers
  • with my experience as a small business owner, I am able to offer cost-effective (in some cases, FREE!) solutions to many business functions from websites to marketing

I am available immediately and my remuneration requirements are completely negotiable, including pay-by-results.

In 2009, I had to close my neighbourhood restaurant business (Green Dolphin Brasserie) in which I promoted local artists, events and groups and had joint ventures in place with local/regional organisations

Music experience

I play good amateur level piano/keys/vibes: jazz, soul & latin music, mainly acoustic with some fusion. Besides the Green Dolphin, I also co-ran the Blue Note Cafe, a cafe-theatre in Murcia, Spain.

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