Looking for Musos/Composers for Acoustic/NuJazz/Funk/Downbeat Project

I am an experienced amateur playing keys and vibes with loads of ideas and compositions but need like-minded musos to help develop them (lyrically and groove) and get them out there.

I’m hearing a mix of Bristol meets California for laid-back Acoustic / NuJazz / Downbeat with a nod back to 70s fusion
* St. Germain/Jazzanova/Christian Prommer
* Incognito
* Hird/Massive Attack
* Virtual Jazz Band
* Steely Dan/Joni Mitchell/Gil Scott-Heron
* Pat Metheny
* Raul Midon/Victor Davies

Would prefer musos from a jazz rather than rock background
* double or fretless bass
* percussion or light-touch drummer
* tenor / flute / trumpet / trombone
* hollow/semi hollow body guitar
These are just preferences and more importantly is the feel and vibe

I would also be interested in meeting songwriters/composers with “social awareness” rather than just variations of “lurve”

Please get in touch with me from my contact page

Love, peace & music



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