The JazzFM Dilemma

JazzFM! I was so pleased when it returned to rejuvenate the UK airwaves with the music I love, bringing memories both happy, of those early days in the 1990s, and sad, of its demise (IMHO) into SmoothFM.

However, it seems to be increasingly sponsored and patronised by many organisations and people (Wilson’s World, Jazz in the City, FT Weekend Breakfast) who form part of and promote the socio-economic systems which reinforce the conditions of deprivation which in turn give rise to the cry for freedom of expression that is jazz.

With Wilson’s World now seemingly moving to a more “prime-time” spot on Fridays, is JazzFM locked into Bill Hicks’ marketing nightmare –  And no, I’m not going  for the anti-marketing dollar

Additionally, one of the latest ads is for by Chris Cardell who receives a less than favourable review at – be aware of being charged for expired seminar dates!

Regrettably, I now have to switch off JazzFM during Wilson’s World and Jazz in the City and try to ignore many of the ads.  I don’t have a problem with that as that’s the beauty of the OFF/ON button.  However, how long before the time spent not listening exceeds the time spent listening or, worse case scenario, I can no longer bear to listen at all!

Jazz is neither capitalist nor socialist but JazzFM does not currently seem to reflect this impartiality.  Are we truly condemned to living in a world where the only art and self-expression we hear/see/feel is that which money can buy?

So come on, JazzFM – what’s the story? Can you really only survive by way of such one-sided sponsorship and advertising?  If so, last one out, switch off the lights, please!

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