European Moving – A Pallet Warning

Euro Moving - Shrink-wrapped pallet removal service

Euro Moving – Shrink-wrapped pallet removal service

What started out as a promisingly good experience, unfortunately finished leaving a VERY sour taste in my mouth.
I cannot fault Donna for her helping me resolve a potentially embarrassing and costly error on my part (who else packs their passport in their removal boxes!). And the collection of my goods was reasonably well orchestrated even if communication was a little lacking regarding actual pickup time.

My goods were taken away in a “normal” mid-size removal van with the promise of flexible delivery within 4 weeks, which suited me fine. However, after the initial contact, everything went down hill from there.

I mean would you like the surprise of your goods arriving shrink-wrapped on a pallet – for full details see below the picture. More images are also at the bottom of the page. Any subsequent comments from EuroMoving will also be added.

Euro Moving - Shrink-wrapped pallet removal service via sub-contractor

Euro Moving – Shrink-wrapped pallet removal service via sub-contractor

  1. Communication about the status of delivery was purely reactive, only in response to emails initiated by me – this was in breach of EuroMoving’s Service Level Agreement.
  2. Excuses seemed limp regarding lorry breakdowns for an “international” removal company – almost a British Rail “leaves on the track” scenario. They only seemed to have 1 van available.
  3. It seems that, as per another comment, liaison with their sub-contrated drivers etc proves difficult and on more than one occasion, I was told that they couldn’t get in touch with the driver concerned.
  4. I was repeated told (again only after I initiated the enquiry) that “routes were being looked at and we will get back to you very soon” – this “very soon” only happened when I again followed up.
  5. EVENTUALLY, I was given a delivery day of Tuesday 21st so I arranged meetings for the Monday so I could be available the full day on Tuesday.
  6. Throughout the day, I had to request updates, eventually being told that 8pm was their cut-off… and 8pm came and went without so much as a “has it arrived?” from them.
  7. On the Wednesday, I received a message in French from a very strong-accented Frenchman from a company asking me to call their Beziers depot. LUCKILY my French is very good but I dread to think what would have happened if I didn’t. I called Beziers (in French) and arranged with them for delivery on the Friday as they couldn’t do Wednesday and I couldn’t do Thursday.
  8. I let EuropeanMoving know and their excuse is that Donna wasn’t in on Monday and the French company had tried to deliver on Monday!! without giving me any warning, either from them or EuropeanMoving.
  9. They also said that they tried calling me on Tuesday – I had no messages or missed calls whatsoever.
  10. The only thing I was told was “please do make sure that there is help at the delivery end for unloading.”
  11. Friday came and I had to deal with a French driver who was unable to find his way into the delivery address. I met him and organised his route in. He opened the van up and….
  12. My goods were piled on top of one another on a pallet and bound with shrink-wrap.
  13. I was told that all he would be doing would be dropping off the pallet outside the address and leaving me to deal with it as he had other deliveries to do.
  14. After a failed attempt to get the van into the street due to the size (note to EuropeanMoving, Google StreetView is an excellent tool for verifying van-size to street-size ratios), the driver had to leave with my goods still on their pallet in the van, saying that he would have to organise a smaller van.
  15. At this point I ceased contacting EuropeanMoving because at no point did they attempt to check if my goods had arrived.
  16. I had to call the French company on the Monday to check when delivery would be. This was organised for the morning of Tuesday 27th.
  17. The pallet was delivered with me having to coordinate the driver and left outside on the street for me to deal with.
  18. In addition, I was left to get rid of the pallet.
  19. The email exchanges numbered over 40! The only time EuropeanMoving initiated the exchange was to request payment.
  20. I complied quickly with payment requests, printing of labels etc
  21. As with other negative feedback, the response from European Moving will no doubt be one of the “customer is to blame”
  22. At no point or in any document was there any mention made  of the fact that my goods would be arriving on a pallet via a “parcel delivery” company. I did not expect a full removal service but I did expect some basic care, especially as I had marked some goods fragile.
  23. My opinion is that EuropeanMoving has serious problems at the moment, whether it is financial or organisational. They say that they “have partners all over Europe” but it seems they are unable to manage them. It seems from previous comments, if the famous Danny is not your driver, you’re screwed!
  24. My lasting memory is that if I had not a) been proactive b) spoken French, my goods would still be sitting in a depot in Beziers, EuropeanMoving happily sitting in Kent thinking everything was OK.

OVERALL IMPRESSION: 1/10 (only because Donna helped at the beginning)

Further pictures

4 responses to “European Moving – A Pallet Warning

  1. From

    Oh deary deary me!

    European Moving think that my post is giving them free advertising by posting pictures of my goods arriving on a shrink-wrapped pallet. And anyone who has a Facebook account ending in “devious” and an email at an unresolved website address must be slightly suspect. And as I anticipated, they denied any blame or wrongdoing on their part in their reply on the AnyVan website which I reproduce below and let you be the judge. The length of the reply smacks of “thou doth protest too much”

    And I point out again there is no references to pallets or shrink-wrap in their Service Level Agreement, I never asked for the driver’s phone number – I had no option but to deal with the French third-party company myself when THEY phoned me, not vice versa. And the comments about me requiring a Pickfords service – I may well forward that onto Pickfords. As I said in my post, I did NOT expect a full removals service but I certainly got what I paid for with European Moving….

    “Any negative feedback received is always taken on board. In this case we cannot see what we have done wrong apart from some minor admin issues with this customers delivery day and time, his goods arrive in perfect condition, and in a timely and organised manor. Firstly we are not a Removals Company (although we do removals), we launched 3 years ago as a domestic transport provider. We pick up and deliver domestic goods from business and personal customers whether it be antiques, boxes of personal possessions, small removals or general cargo. As things have moved on we have offered higher levels of service for those customers that need further assistance from us regarding there removal, of course extra fees would apply in such cases. All bids made on the AnyVan website are for the basic transport of goods from the ground floor and delivered kerbside or doorstep at the destination. This is all made crystal clear in our service level agreement sent to each and every customer. As we have said we can help out further by offering extras services if our basic transport terms are not suitable and of course if at any time a customer feels that our services are not to their needs we are happy to cancel job and allow them to relist on AnyVan or arrange alternative means of transport. Regarding this customers comments about his goods arriving on a pallet, we are not really sure what the issue is here. Its quite common for transport companies and removal companies to palletise smaller loads. In our experience this reduces the chance of any damages, reduces the chance of a lost item and makes life easier for loading and unloading. In no way has this affected the welfare of this customers goods. Regarding his comments about only being reactive about the status of his delivery. We like most of transport companies transport goods many customers every week and at any one time have hundreds of people in our system, its simply not viable or even remotely possible to ring each and every customer every day to let them know what there boxes are up to. Most of our emails are answered same day which is a lot more than we can say for some of the larger transport companies out there. In regard to not giving out the drivers phone number we do not do this under any circumstances, when the drivers are on the road with several customers deliveries its simply not wise or safe for them to have potentially several customers ring them up for progress reports. Customer liaison remains the responsibility of our admin staff and they will call or text message the driver if needed. In this case if our office could get hold of the driver he could have been unloading, loading, sleeping or even going for pee. I’m sure he called our office strait back as soon as he saw the missed call. This customer should really have gone to firm like Pickford as I’m sure they would have sent him 5 or 6 men at each end, drank plenty of tea and sent him a hamper from Marks and Sparks and charged him about five grand for the privilege. Really if you have nothing else better to do than complain about receiving your goods in perfect condition then you should NOT be putting on a budget transport providers freight exchange like AnyVan. I’m afraid you get what you pay for!!!”

    • Latest comment from presumably the owner of a service that is European Shrink-wrapped Pallets

      “We wont be commenting any further on this, we rest our case with the idiot who has a section on his blogg called rants and raves, says it all we think. Get a life you sad old man!!!”

      Would you really want to deal with a company that treats customers like this after some valid feedback? I think someone has a chip on his shoulder and needs to get some training on how to run a professional service!

      • UPDATE: European Shrink-wrapped Pallets’ reply to my feedback (see above) on the AnyVan website has been removed. I wonder if this has anything to do with my message via the AnyVan contact form as follows:

        02/12/2012 @ approx 20:30
        Further to my feedback, I would like to bring to your attention the insulting unprofessionalism of European Moving. I anticipate that you will treat this as a “spat” between transporter and customer, but I would like to note it anyway. The parting comment from Mr. Blanche was as follows: “We wont be commenting any further on this, we rest our case with the idiot who has a section on his blogg called rants and raves, says it all we think. Get a life you sad old man!!!”

        This was further to potentially libelous comments about Pickfords left on your feedback form. The full sequence can be seen at
        I trust not all of your transport providers show such disdain for customer feedback and other removal companies..
        Kevin Lovelady

  2. And so it goes on from European Moving. Contrary to his earlier comment, there is another remark from Mr. Blanche as follows

    “Not likely, they removed it for us so we adjust the text! We will of course be getting yours removed when we have time to email Anyvan about your Dodgy and authorised link which is complete breach of the anyvan rules!!”

    Their reinstated comment on the AnyVan site is no different to the original (as posted above) other than a few (not all) grammar corrections. I certainly did get what I paid for!

    I’ll post as to whether my comment is removed but you can see for yourselves at

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